Enjoy more clarity over your entire business

Your business may seem to run smoothly to outside eyes. But only you know the day-to-day reality: below the surface you're grappling with layers of unseen complexity and disconnected processes.

Zone in on detail & zoom out on the big picture

Wiise is a new, affordable cloud-based business management solution that combines the multiple systems you use in your business into one smart solution. It's been created for the Australian market by KPMG, built on Microsoft, and supported by Commonwealth Bank.

Via a 'per seat, per month' subscription, Wiise gives you more visibility into different functions like invoicing, payroll, warehousing, inventory control, stock forecasting, and more. It conveniently integrates your banking, financials, and operations into one simple space.

Because it's built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, Wiise works easily with Microsoft programs you already use like Office 365, Excel, Word, Skype, and Outlook. So it's right for your business today, and can flex with you for tomorrow as you grow and change.

Manage more than just your financials

        See the big picture with real-time dashboards into accounting, sales, inventory, customer interactions, and forecasting.

        Streamline accounts receivables and payables, and reconcile banking and accounts to close and report on financials, while maintaining Australian tax compliance.

Achieve the right balance in supply & demand

        Get a handle on stock levels using business intelligence tools to predict when and what to replenish.

        Avoid lost sales and stock shortages to keep more customers happier and maximise your profitability.

Sell smarter and improve customer experience

        Prioritise sales based on revenue potential, and keep track of customer engagements to provide advice, communications, and cross-sell options.

        Accelerate your normal quoting to invoicing process, and act faster on enquiries and service requests.