IT Management

Managed IT services are the optimal solution for ridding yourself of IT worries and means more time to focus on your business. IT Management can be optimised to your business and budget. Apply now for a free trial!

IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk is ideal if you have in-house IT Staff to keep track of your support incidents

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk is ideal if you have no in-house IT staff but want your IT taken care off professionally as incidents arise.

Managed Services

Managed Services takes complete care of your IT.

Managed IT Services

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, we’ll conduct a thorough check each and every morning before you start work. We’ll check:
  • Your backup is complete to make sure your data is safe
  • Your antivirus pattern file to make sure your protection is always up-to-scratch
  • Your disk space to ensure your system won’t crash and your workers aren’t left unproductive while you recover
  • Your Exchange email system to make sure it doesn’t fill up and collapse leaving you floundering till it’s fixed
  • Your hard disk and memory health to ensure your system is always in peak operating condition
  • Your Critical Event Logs to spot other developing problems that could cause downtime during the day

This service is performed automatically – so it’s guaranteed to happen even if staff are sick or on holiday. If we find problems, we’ll immediately alert an engineer so he can act fast to cut potential downtime. We’ll even send you a short note to confirm the checks carried out and their results.

And all this for less than the cost of a cappuccino! Learn more about support or Contact Us To Apply for a free trial