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iTproMedia specialises in looking after Small to Medium Businesses in all aspects of IT support and services. From hardware, software to network and cloud services. With our top level managed IT services we offer to look after your PCs, servers, networks, phones, internet and mobile devices.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services refers to applications and services that are located on the internet but can be accessed from anywhere (with an internet connection) with almost any device (e.g. PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet). To setup cloud services you do not need your own hardware and some services can be setup and used “Out-of-the-box”, others require some configuration. These services and applications are more often than not cheaper to run and less maintenance intensive since no own hardware or software is required. The ability to share information, collaborate on documents is made easier.

IT Services

iTproMedia provides a wide range of IT Services and Support: Professional email, Domains, Hosting, DNS Service, SSL Certificates, Server Hosting (Linux & Windows), Hardware, Software, Network setup, PC & Server installations, Modern IP phone systems, Mobile Share Plans, Responsive Custom Built Websites and more.
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Managed IT Services

IT Management is the optimal solution to keep the IT side of your business in top shape. Other than traditional “Break&Fix” models, IT Management takes care of your systems and keeps them up-to-date to reduce problems and failures. It increases your up-time and maintains Business critical applications. Find out how we can offer your business the IT support it needs.


IT Support Services

IT support with the conventional process
  • A problem occurs and the user usually fiddles around in growing frustration
  • They call support eventually when they can’t make any progress
  • Support asks them to describe the problem so they can either assign the right person to fix it over the phone
  • Once support has a clear picture of the problem, they can act to fix it
Using Round-the-Clock 24×7 Alerts
  • An alert is received within 7.5 minutes on average (if using 15 minute intervals) or within 2.5 minutes on average (if using five minute intervals)
  • the exact cause of the problem is already displayed (e.g. Windows service has failed)
  • It can be fixed remotely or someone is dispatched to the site. Instantly.
    The benefits: a faster, more accurate, less frustrating support experience.

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